Use Cases

How our service could potentially be used for your business in day-to-day life.

Best Use Cases

Some of the Best Ways our clients use yoursitemonitor to Get thier Desired Outcome.

Competitor Investigation

Website Changes

Review Alerts

Track search results

Monitor Product Prices

Know Competitor Ads

Get Instant Notifications Via Emails

You will receive any changes updates directly on your email within seconds if something changes on the specified URL.

YourSiteMonitor Provides Something for Everyone

The customer journey differs for everybody. No matter your business need, our products are flexible enough to pave the path that’s best.


Know when something on your website goes wrong


Know when someone needs help on your field

Reasl Estate

Monitor property availability that fits your needs


know new product launches and new affiliate programs


Know when price changes or get to know latest trends.


Get to know when your clients site goes wrong or have changed.

YourSiteMonitor Mostly Used On

These are the major use cases our clients use YourSiteMonitor On Day-To-Day Life

Website Security Alerts

Our developer friends use our service to monitor  any security issues that their client website has.

Price Drops & Changes

Yes! price changes frequently on every product, our clients use it to get price alerts to stack what they want.

New Launch Alerts

Affiliates use this to get to know every new product launch to get started quickly than thier competitors.

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